Top 5 smartphone apps for office productivity



It is not uncommon for an entire office of employees to be doing work on their phones. With a a variety of business centric apps on market, it’s easier than ever to take the office with you. We have chosen our top 5 favourite apps that help improve office productivity to build an efficient mobile office. If you aren’t already using these apps, you’re going to want to download them today.

PDF Scan – scan your documents

This is an app we love, having the ability to scan in real-time, no matter your location, without a bulky machine, is so convenient. The process is simple, take a photo of the document and the app identifies the perimeter then saves the document as a PDF file. Once you have scanned the document using your smartphone, you can save it to your icloud, email it or add it into your document management system. There are a lot of scan apps on the market to choose from, we recommend downloading one that syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote etc.

Dropbox – save and send your documents

Dropbox is the go-to app for businesses who need to share large amounts of data. The service allows you to upload and organize your documents and photos so that you can easily share them. Think of Dropbox as a great back-up system, if your computer crashes or phones gets soaked and you documents have been loaded into the system they are 100% recoverable. Dropbox easily syncs between your computer and smartphone.

Sharp Mobile, Lexmark Mobile and Epson Connect – wirelessly print your document

Print industry leaders like Sharp, Lexmark and Epson have all entered the smartphone app environment. You are now able to manage printing directly from your mobile device. You are also able to scan your documents directly to your phone through the apps. We love this because you can scan something from the office directly to an employee on the road and that same employee can command documents to printed at the office.

Evernote – take detailed notes

Evernote is an incredible multiplatform note taking app. The app allows you to write notes, collect research, add photos and video and syncs across your phone, tablet and computer. It’s also a great app for collaboration, your team can work together to build out reports and presentations or compile research.

Google Suite – use this app for everything

The Google Suite has everything a business needs. Professional email, cloud storage, HD video phone meetings, calendar syncing, text documents, spreadsheets and presentations that work with all file types. The best part is that entire Google Suite is accessible through your phone
At Brock Office Automation we strive to bring you the most up to date equipment and information for your necessary requirements. If you’re convinced you need office productivity apps in your life, and you should be, have a look at our free smartphone automation guide. The guide will help you decide which machine to replace your old printer and scanners with in order to utilize your smartphone apps to the fullest.



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