Do I Need a Big Photocopier?

We get this question a lot from our existing and prospective clients. Everybody wants to know “what is the minimum size machine I can get in order to meet my printing demands?” We have some answers:


The Space Factor

Big machines take up big space, make big noise and consume big power; they deliver high volume and high print/copy speeds. It is likely that most organizations will never need a “big” machine. Now that modern multifunctional devices offer tandem printing, the day of the big machine may be past for most organizations.


Tandem Solution

Tandem printing is the process of using two machines, connected to the same network, to complete output tasks quicker than either machine can accomplish on its own and deliver results similar to those of a big machine. All too often companies are guided by the traditional thought process that they require a big machine to complete big jobs in a short time. Today, that is no longer the case; in fact, there is greater value to be realized in tandem operations.


Why Tandem

The justification in utilizing two smaller machines as opposed to one big machine has many plusses – arguably the most important being that you are safeguarding yourself against being rendered helpless should you experience any machine-related downtime. When running a large print job using tandem machines, if one machine goes down, you are still able to complete the job using the other machine. Were you to attempt the same job using only one, big machine, you would be forced to face a potentially debilitating cease in productivity, should any mishaps occur with the machine. Further, the likelihood of both machines experiencing difficulties and/or running out of supplies at the same time is virtually nonexistent, resulting in the efficient completion of all of your print jobs. As well as running machines in tandem to complete single, larger volume print jobs, you can also have both of your machines available and working on different jobs at the same time, thus eliminating line-ups at a lone machine, increasing user productivity and convenience while decreasing copy/print task times.


Will This Work For You

If your office is smaller and space is an issue, choosing tandem machines over a single, big machine, will greatly benefit you in this regard. Big machines often require a room to themselves, taking up space that could be effectively utilized for other purposes and, as well, can often be loud and disrupting to employees. Alternatively, two smaller machines can be placed in locations based on workflow and staff convenience, thereby eliminating the waste of valuable office space.

In today’s day and age there, realistically, is little need for a “big” machine – it is much more advantageous to have two machines working in tandem to complete your tasks.