How to Select the Right Machine and Supplier

When it’s time to buy office automation equipment, choosing the right dealer is just as important as choosing the right machine. In fact, the right dealer is the one who will make sure you purchase exactly what you need, so it can be argued that it is even more important in your plight for office automation.

Unsure about what you need to consider when choosing the right dealer for you? Here are some tips help you find the dealer to meet your needs:


Get To Know The Dealer

When approaching a dealer, ask questions. Get to know the sales rep, team and dealership. Meet the company owners. Find out how long they have been in business. Is it a locally owned company? If so, you can contribute to your local economy with them. Also, find out about the dealership’s mission statement. If their ideas do not line up with yours, you may have difficulty seeing eye-to-eye when doing business together.


Get To Know The Sales Team

The sales reps are going to be your direct contact with the dealership, so it is important to find a representative that you trust. Speak to the reps individually and find out how long they have been working in the office automation industry, how long they have been with the dealership and ask about their relationships with other customers. If it sounds like interviewing a future employee, you’re doing it right. This person will be working with you for years to come and you need a successful working relationship.


Visit The Dealership

It is impossible to choose a dealership over the phone or internet. Do your research on the dealership online first. Call them ahead of time and ask as many questions as you can prior to dropping in. But in the end, you must visit the facility. Seeing the dealership will confirm whether they are right for you — if it is small enough to value you as a customer but large enough to be reputable and meet all of your office automation needs.


Check Out The Product Line

You might already have some products in mind, so find out if the dealership is a carrier of that brand. If you don’t have a brand in mind, find out their product line do some of your own research. Do they carry brands and products that will be effective for your needs? You can eliminate dealers that can’t meet your office automation needs by simply ensuring they carry the products that will benefit your company.


Service Times Matter

Office equipment breaks down. You will never have a piece of equipment that will not require service. That being said, service times are important. When equipment breaks, productivity grinds to a halt. Find out the dealer’s average turn around time for service and if the service contract is negotiable to meet your needs. 


Talk To Other Customers

It is important to check references. Dealerships should have no problem giving you references with other customers. Have a conversation with these customers and learn why they chose this dealership and how their experiences have been.