The Importance of the In House Service Department in Your Solutions Provider

Why is an in house service team vital to a positive relationship with your Office Machine provider? It is simple: you should be the priority if your machine is not performing optimally. You do not want to be in the queue of a company that has no stake in the relationship with you. Our business is founded on the great relationships that we have forged with the Niagara community for more than twenty years. Having our own service department is a major element of our success model.


You Do Not Compete for Attention

With a dealer owned service department, the client can come to expect priority, personalized assistance by highly trained industry specialists who they come to know and who come to know them and their needs. When acquiring a machine from a company not offering the benefit of a dedicated service department, clients are often left in tough situations when their machines go down – resulting in loss of productivity and, simultaneously, a potential loss of profit for the company. On the contrary, when you choose to purchase your machine from a company employing their own service department, you are ensured the problem is taken care of in an efficient, time-sensitive manner, resulting in less machine down-time and less of a negative impact on the operations of your business.

You do not want your service request in the hands of a hired third party service company – one who performs their services for several sellers and agents, not just yours, all vying for tech response time with each other. This results in those responding techs having no stake in the relationship with you, the client.


Superior Product Knowledge

In addition to the benefit of client priority, choosing a company with their own service department also ensures the technicians you are dealing with will be up to date on the latest product knowledge and services offered. Product knowledge is highly essential for both technicians and sales people alike in order to facilitate seamless interactions with current and prospective clients. Technicians are experts in the industry, having received comprehensive training on every aspect of the machines they service; this is crucial in ensuring the quick and effective repair of your device.


Full Service, And We Mean It

Choosing a company with a service department will make certain your business experiences the least amount of disruption possible. Proactive preventative support, machine monitoring and automatic alerts all contribute to greater operational productivity by minimizing service surprises.  As well, the priority and one-on-one attention you are given as the client ensures your needs are both met and understood in a flawless, competent manner.