What Makes Brock Office Automation Different

What makes Brock Office Automation Different?


With more than twenty years in business, Brock Office Automation has forged trusting and long-lasting relationships with more than two hundred Niagara businesses. Our team is committed to every client in such a way that each receives the personal attention required to maintain these relationships and the optimal functionality of their office solution.

One of the most important questions to ask is:

Why do some supplier and service relationships leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed, while others leave you feeling satisfied and taken care of?

There are several factors in the success of a relationship with your office solution provider, but we can attest there are a few secret (not so secret now) ingredients to our success model.


Cutting Edge Solutions

On our product pages you will see what we outline as the standard features, and then the features that set our machines apart. In our history we have sold and serviced the following brands, but we have chosen to forge a strong partnership based on the innovative commitments with only a few. In fact, we even have some pretty cool accolades under our belts with the competitive machines, so when we say we understand the functionality of those machines, we don’t just mean we have read the brochure.


We are members of several local business organizations and have worked to develop strong charters with those organizations to maximize the impact of local business on the Niagara economy. Our belief in the importance of small business isn’t just our idea, in fact, this article by the CBC talks about how vital these businesses are for the national economy.