About Niagara’s Premiere Office Automation Solutions Provider



Brock Office Automation was born of the identified need for an office solutions provider that focused on being better for the locally owned and operated small businesses. This commitment to do right by the very businesses that are most invested in the region has proven a success model that thrives on honesty, real relationships and a commitment to doing right by the businesses that choose Brock Office Automation as their solution.

Originally Brock Copier Company, the business was founded in 1990 and located in the Brock Business Park. Right across the road from business owner Mike Gammon’s alma mater, Brock University. Created to support small and mid-sized businesses, the portfolio of services include the photocopier and facsimile segments of the office equipment industry.

Buoyed by early successes, the company quickly added larger firms and organizations to their client family, never forgetting the needs of small and mid-sized Niagara businesses. The product offering also grew and evolved as the industry became amongst the most innovative and impactful to the modern office.

The mid-1990s saw a digital revolution that changed the business dramatically. Calling upon the commitment to always serve the client with the best innovation for their business, the title of the company changed to Brock Office Automation.  The company was now much more than photocopiers and fax machines, servicing businesses with numerous products and services. Check out our current offerings here.


Our philosophy is to be open and honest with employees, customers and suppliers. We employ a ‘team’ concept, no matter whether working with employees, customers or volunteers in a non-business setting. With our customers, we strive to educate them with the most up-to-date technology and solutions, and determine together which product and/or application is best suited for each situation. By teaming with our clients we provide the best long-term business solution for their particular needs and wants; for today and into the future.


Brock Office Automation has served the office automation and digital imaging needs of regional organizations and companies; large and small since 1990.  We were recognized in the 2005 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the Innovative Small Business category and the Established Enterprise category, being a finalist in the latter. Mike has been a member of the numerous industry dealer associations and is a long time member of the Chamber of Commerce. Mike has acted as the President of the St. Catharines Business Club twice and is a two-time President of the St. Catharines Advertising Association.


To continue to deliver economical and responsive solutions and support to our clients in the office automation space, delivering innovation-driven beneficial solutions to our marketplace to the ultimate betterment of our clients, ourselves and our community; all in an efficient, effective, economical and ecologically responsible manner.