Use these digital options instead of a fax machine to send documents


Digital options

Fax machines have been a communication standard for decades now. Despite new technologies, many offices continue to use fax because of tradition. Some professions still even recognize fax as the number one way to send and receive important documents, but it doesn’t have to be this way. New technologies like multifunction printers have become a staple in the office environment. These devices have reduced our relaince on the faxing, as they allow for scanned documents to be sent through email directly from the machine. This technology along with other alternatives is allowing many offices to move away from using the fax machine to send documents.

Overview of the Alternatives to Faxing

Your office can start to move away from using a fax machine by using one of these alternatives.


Email Your Documents

Chances are the document that you are sending through fax was developed on the computer, why print off that document to fax when you could attach the file and email it to the source instead. Alternatively, copy and paste text into your email itself.


Mail Your Documents

Businesses like law offices and travel companies sometimes demand a document be sent through fax because a fax is recognized as a legally binding document. These documents can simply be put in the mail. While the mail takes longer than a fax, the purpose is still fulfilled.


Use Scan to Email

Use your multifunction printer to scan and email your documents to yourself or to a receiver. The files will be received in PDF form, the PDF can then be attached to the email that you construct to the receiver. The advantage of a PDF, is that it can be secured so that the receiver is unable to alter it.


Send Documents through a Document Management System

With online document management systems like Google Docs, you can now digitally share a document with the intended receiver. Systems like this will also track what changes have been made to a document and by whom.


Fax over IP

Move your faxing capabilities online using a voice-over IP technology. This alternative will save you the cost of a telephone line and the long distance charges often associated with faxing documents.
Going digital also allows your office to save money on printing costs and will help you promote an office wide paperless policy. Multifunction printers are still built with fax machine capabilities installed, so it unlikely that fax machine technology will move completely to the past. If you want a good look at the other side of the argument, read our blog on why fax continues to be a relevant component of the modern office.



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