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If there is one thing every office needs to have to stay organized it’s a calendar. Calendars help you to stay on track, remember meetings, know the location of employees and the list goes on. Technology has allowed for calendars to go high tech, while some of us still prefer to write everything down, the way most offices function is with online calendars and meetings invitations. There are a number of apps/solutions on the market that can easily be installed onto your smart phone, laptop or desktop, that will streamline your calendar and make staying on top of you and your office coworkers schedules that much easier.


Where to find it:

The Sunrise Calendar app is available for your desktop, laptop, iPhone and android, it syncs seamlessly with which ever built in calendar you are using be it, Google, Icloud or Microsoft’s Exchange. It is free to download and is built to connect with other office based apps like Evernote, Trello and Facebook. People love it for the design but also for the “Meet” function. Recognized as one of the simplest ways to set up a meeting, “Meet” lets you select available time slots within your calendar and then lets you send them to your clients so that they can choose the time and date from your schedule that also suits them. Like most apps, Sunrise syncs between your phone and desktop so that you can access and update your calendar from anywhere.



Where to find it:

WAVE’s clear interface and beautiful design is what attracts user to the apps but it’s the functionality and built in to do list feature that keeps users. WAVE likes to think of itself as a personal assistant and even offers a PA option, paid option that is. The app is available across desktop, smart phone and watch  platforms and also connects with Google, iCloud, Exchange and adds on Facebook’s calendar as well. WAVE offers a number of clean view modes to match it’s design to the way you think.


Google Calendar

Where to find it:

As the most well known name in internet technology, it is no surprise that Google offers an easy to use, streamlined calendar. We have already mentioned it in this blog but if you are a PC or MAC user chances are you are sticking with what you know, ICloud and Exchange. Google Calendar is easy to share amoung co-workers so that everyone is in the loop as to meetings and location of employee within the office. Google syncs between devices and easily works with other apps like the above WAVE and Sunrise. Notification settings extend beyond a noise, you are able to customize reminders in the form or text messages and emails. Like the other two apps above, Google Calendar is free.


These simple online calendar apps and solutions can make a big difference in the organization and planning of your work life.



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