Top Printer Problems and Quick Solutions for Your Office


Printer problems

A top office frustration across the board, is technical issues with the office printer. Unfortunately printer problems happen, but there are some simple solutions that you can apply to help overcome issues with your office printer.

1. Your document won’t print

You’ve hit print on your computer but nothing is happening. This is one of the most frustrating printing problems. Find the solution by starting with the basics, test your printers connection, is your ethernet cable or usb plugged in? If you have a wireless printer, check if your WiFi is enabled. If this is not the problem, then there might be an issue with your driver or your software. Make sure that the software is correctly installed and updated and then check for possible signs that your driver is corrupt. Other issues to check for include, your ink or toner levels, and print default location settings.

2. Your printer is slow

The simplest way to increase your printers performance is to reduce the print quality, whenever possible. Choosing to print your everyday documents in draft mode will save not only time, but money. For most printers, you simply need to change your print quality setting from Normal to Fast Draft.

Double sided printing although cost effective, can greatly slow down your printers speed because it requires that the printer flip each page over to be run back through the machine. If you are frustrated by your printers speed, choose to print one sided only.

3. Your printer is costing you too much

When you first bought your office printer did you consider cost per printed page? Cost per printed page helps you budget out your printing expenditures, but there are other options you can apply to save money. Print in draft mode for regular print jobs, print double sided to save money on paper and purchase high capacity ink cartridges that yield a lower cost per page. The smartest way to save on printing costs is to reduce the amount that you print, carefully consider the necessity of printing each planned document.

4. Paper Jams

Paper jams are inevitable. Most often paper jams happen because papers stick together, paper is misaligned or your printer trays have been overfilled. Simple steps like squaring off stacks of paper, using new printer paper or avoiding overfilling, can greatly reduce the frequency of your paper jams. Make sure to read your printers manual for any tips or tricks about the particular printer that you have invested in.

When in doubt, call for service

Some of the previously mentioned, top printer problems may not always be fixable. When there is an issues that you can’t fix, don’t hesitate to call someone to service your machine. Your printer technician will understand the inner workings of your machine and will efficiently solve any problem.



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