What You Don’t Know About Your Multifunctional Printer



There are many benefits of owning a multifunctional printer that makes your purchase seemingly a no-brainer. Only purchasing one machine means using less real estate in your office and only buying a using supplies for one device. With the purchase of an MFP, offices are seeing instant improvement as the workplaces becomes streamlines and productivity increases.

How Does an MFP Improve Productivity?

Multifunctional printers offer interfaces with an unparalleled ease-of-use. By replacing your office’s numerous machines, employees are able to quickly train and understand one device instead of many. Not only is training only required for one device, but MFPs are so user-friendly, employees often learn the new system in one short training session, eliminating long and unproductive hours learning new equipment.

Once trained, having the capability of scanning, printing, copying and faxing from one do-it-all machine will be the ultimate time-saver. Over are the days of photocopying a document for distribution when it can be scanned and emailed with the push of a button. You won’t see your employees spending time printing at one machine and having to go across the office to the fax machine to send. It can all be done in one fell swoop.

Reduce Your IT Costs

While having an all-in-one device means that one malfunction ceases all document handling for a time, businesses no longer have to worry about multiple system failures and multiple service visits. One machine means one service call and if you take care of your equipment, that can be kept to a minimum.

Unite Digital and Hard Copy Records

Businesses are generally moving towards a digital-based recordkeeping model, but paper is still a necessity. With an MFP, the ease of creating digital documents while still offering the ability to print will merge the best of both worlds. Having the capability of creating digital copies easily will also encourage employees not to print hard copies and save the workplace money by cutting paper costs.

With one multifunctional printer handling the workload of several machines, the tangible benefits are easy to understand. But looking beyond the visible benefits and delving into the less obvious but still important benefits makes purchasing an MFP the obvious choice. Being able to save hours in training, task completion and tech support means using your employees time to its full potential and reaping the rewards. Encouraging staff to distribute and keep digital files will save in the cost of supplies. An MFP can be the money- and time-saving resource your office needs.

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