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Office Automation

When it comes to office automation repair, the faster the better. With the integration of printing, copying, scanning and faxing in one multifunctional printer, when that machine goes down, productivity ceases. By choosing a service team that excels in efficient repairs and excellent customer service, you will be guaranteed to save yourself and your office time, stress and money.

Trust your team

You will likely know when your MFP is need of repair. Being a piece of equipment you use on a daily basis, when something isn’t quite right, you know. However, you will not always know what it is that needs maintenance or if the cost of the repair is worth it. Your service team should be transparent with you when it comes to these details. If you have to make a service call, talk to the service team about what needs to be done, how much it will cost and if the better option is fixing your current equipment or replacing it. Honesty is the best policy with service issues and repair cost.

Can you call?

Service teams profit by visiting your office, diagnosing the problem and repairing your machine. But sometimes, you can simply be talked through the solution over the phone. Make sure your service team will talk to you about your printer problems to properly decide whether a service call is necessary.

Does your team value your time?

When your MFP goes down, your productivity stops. You can no longer print, scan, copy or fax documents and you don’t have time to wait. Talk to your service team about your expectations in response time and find out if they can meet those needs. Some negotiation may be necessary but a fast response means getting back to work faster.


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