Avoid Copier Woes and Repairs


Copier Woes

Routine maintenance for your copier or multifunctional device is inevitable — and inconvenient. But with proper care and correct usage, frequent repairs can be delayed or even avoided.

Why do malfunctions happen at the worst possible time?

It happens to everyone: The hour before a big meeting, all office personnel are scrambling to prepare and print documents and copy information to distribute. And then, the dreaded paper jam brings your productivity to a grinding halt. Why now?

Paper jams can be the result of a few easily preventable problems: overuse/over heating of the machine or incorrect paper storage. Solving these issues will allow you to avoid unnecessary service calls and wasted time.


Overheating from overuse

No matter how simple your copier or multifunctional device appears to be, there is a lot of intricate parts inside. While you may not realize it, everyday use of your office equipment heats up those moving mechanics often leading to paper jams and disrepair.

Obviously, you can’t just stop using these devices for set times to allow a cool down period. However, activating standby mode (often located within the energy saving settings) will give your copier a chance to cool down between uses. Standby mode ensures that between print jobs your machine is not constantly running and creating internal heat.

Paper storage matters

Damp paper is a major player when it comes to photocopier woes. When paper is left in paper trays or improperly stored, it is exposed to the environment of the office, often resulting in moisture being absorbed by the fibres in the paper. Once paper is damp, it can either cause the rollers in your machine to slip or result in multiple sheets sticking together.

How can you avoid damp paper? Paper comes in moisture-proof packaging, so keep paper sealed in these packages until it is ready for use. Also, only take as much paper as you will use throughout the day, allowing the rest of the paper to remain in a warm, dry place.

When in doubt, call your dealer

Even the best care can’t avoid all maintenance issues. If you find your copier or multifuctional device in need of repair, call your dealer for service. Bringing in an expert to solve your printing problems will avoid larger service calls in the long run and keep your copier in the excellent condition to keep your office running at the high-perforance level necessary for success.


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