Copier Problems: How to fix a paper jam



Finding yourself frustrated by the paper jam that just won’t quit? Not sure how to get your photocopier or MFP back in working order without calling a technician or damaging your machine? Worry not. This blog post will give you some quick tips to get you back in printing order in no time!


Something in the way?

Lift the cover and make sure that nothing is obstructing the path of the paper. Frequent offenders include paper clips that slip into the opening. This can also result in bent corners, not a good look for that important report.


Paper loading fiasco?

Open up the paper drawer and make sure that the paper itself is loaded correctly. We are talking about neat stacks of paper that the machine can easily draw from. Is the paper size correctly adjusted (you might have a manual machine which means a bit more work on your end).


Roller issues?

These are often the culprit in the paper jam case. You can’t fix this on your own, but it is helpful to know what the issue is before you end up going “Office Space” on your machine. If the roller appears broken or you notice the paper is out of toner – call in the pros! Are you one of our clients?

Good luck with your copier repairs and if you are finding your machine is breaking down on the regular, the e-book below might be the buying intel you need to help you get equipped with the right technology.

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