Multifunctional Printers Just Got Personal(ized)



The world of office machines has long been regarded as complex with plenty of tech talk happening and not a whole lot of user understanding. That kind of conduct has left some companies in the dark ages while others have decided its time to shine a light on the function of these machines for users to optimally perform with little unnecessary assistance. One of the innovations that you aren’t taking advantage of that you should be is the Sharp Open Systems Architecture.

Say what?

Basically what we are saying is that you can now create custom portals in order to meet the specific needs of your company. That is right, you can adjust the way that your machine interacts with the user to better suit the needs of your business, and you can create a networking strategy that will facilitate a more connected office without the hassle of a new IT system.

Is the MFP the new computer?

The Sharp family of MFPs are now in line with technological feats of some of the most powerful modern computers. Some of the things that these machines are now capable of include:

  • Converting documents to digital form.
  • Storing these documents in an immense internal hard drive.
  • Sending these documents to employees via wifi.
  • Sending these documents to third parties via fax or email.

Sharp Open Systems Architecture (OSA) is customizable data processing technology that allows the user to manipulate the flow of information within an office. Using this tool enables the company to create integrations that are custom to their business or use the myriad of applications developed by Sharp or their development partners.

Think of how you use your Smart Phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) You have the device and then applications that customize that device to your specific use. That is exactly the system that Sharp has created in the MFP world. With an investment as large as an office machine you should be able to harness all of the capabilities that apply to your business, and you should be able to do so easily. Fundamentally, that is what the OSA has created.

Is there an App for that?

Currently there are numerous applications, or apps, available to the user that you can take immediate advantage of. The number of applications is growing regularly, so this list is far from comprehensive, but here are a few of our favourites:

  • Document management and archival.
  • Office and document workflow.
  • User interfaces.
  • Scan to email preferences.
  • Accounting programs.
  • Access control.

Are you on the Cloud?

The OSA is network and cloud connected, a definite advantage for the modern business. This allows for free and rapid information flow throughout your office.

What does this matter? Consider the time savings in being able to store, manage and retrieve documents from your MFP at any time for any computer in the building. Of course the connectivity is customized, but basically, if you want them connected, they can be connected. When you are using the Sharp OSA you are empowering your team to eliminate the down time that is typically associated with retrieving files and documents, you are eliminating the need for a complex filing system through networked drives and you are empowering them with access to everything that they need instantly. The rapid adoption of these strategies has proven very successful for our early adopter clients.


Think that this new tool might be for you? Get in touch, we can walk you through the basics in our Office Automation Webinar where you will be guided through the fundamentals of the program with one of our experts.


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