Security with your Multifunctional Printer


There are many warnings in the marketplace about the security of your Multifunctional Printer. Are they necessary? Absolutely.

It is important to know if your business is protected and if it is not currently protected, what you can do to ensure that it is.


The Importance of One Location

One of the most notable safety advantages of an MFP, as opposed to the often heard scare tactics, is that all of your scanned information is in one place. If you happen to be amongst the businesses employing the tandem printing model, you will have your information stored in two places. Considerably safer than the previous methods of disks and harddrives stored in locked cabinets. Easily moved and difficult to keep track of, especially as the volume grows. It is substantially more challenging to go unnoticed when removing the MFP from an office, or working extensively to extract the embedded harddrive.

What Does the Copier Know?

An important aspect of modern multifunction printers and copiers that may be unknown to many office managers is the fact that these devices can store an electronic file of every single document that has ever been copied, scanned, or printed. The amount of storage obviously changes with the size of each hard disk, but even a small, 50 gigabyte hard drive can contain over 100,000 different compressed files. Your multifunction printer containing this information must be protected, and your office copier security is of the highest importance.

Increasing Security

If a burglar or hacker is able to bypass your multifunction printer’s security protocols, a massive amount of valuable information could be placed in the wrong hands… terrified yet? Don’t be. This is easy to prevent and it is an essential in being a responsible business owner.

Strong Password – Your password should include a wide variety of numbers and letters that will not be easy to decipher or logical to a potential hacker.

Delete All Option – Certain manufacturers will include a Delete All option so that when you are finished with your machine you can select to delete any of the contents on the previous harddrive.

Harddrive Removal – There are machines that are designed exclusively to punch holes into previously used harddrives to eliminate the opportunity for anyone to gain valuable information about your business.


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