Smart office spending: the Authorized Print Dealer difference

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We often talk about the difficulty and expense in outfitting an office with the right equipment. Smart businesses do their research and their research often guides them to an authorized print dealer. While tradition lends to comparison shopping online through big box retailers, expertise and money saving solutions are found with authorized dealers.

If you want to equip your office for smart economical printing you’ll want to take advantage authorized print dealer difference.


Access to and expertise in entire product fleets

If you have a brand in mind, for example, Sharp, choosing to purchase through an authorized dealer gives you access to entire products line, real world examples of the products working in offices near your and expertise beyond traditional retail employees found in big box stores. The authorized dealer will also be able to provide brand services like


Personal relationships and expert staff

The staff of an authorized dealer are highly trained by the brand itself and live and breath office automation. They have access to ongoing training through the brand and are the first ones to know about updates, new products, and any service issues. On the other side of it, they are also local. Meaning that they are the regional experts in the brand’s products and are the most equipped to answer your questions. Locality is great for businesses, it allows you to develop a relationship with trusted advisor and because printing costs can take up a good chunk of your overhead you want someone you trust on your side.

Authorized service and repair personnel

Authorized dealers are are also authorized service providers. This means you can choose to utilize managed print services, this allows the dealer to gains reports on your businesses output so they they can provide you with solutions to drive down costs. Your authorized service provider will guide you through any firmware or product updates and can assist you with any new features that you’d like to add to your fleet. Most importantly, authorized dealers ensure that your investment (ie. your product) is protected. Any warranty issues, product breakdowns or campatibility issues will be addressed and resolved immeadiately according to brand standards.


High quality service and expert advice is a cost saving difference that only an Authorized print dealer can provide. At Brock Office Automation we begin our relationship with clients by conducting a office automation assessment, our focus from step one is to provide you with office solutions not added office costs.

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