The benefits of managed print services

A yearly print budget can take up to 1-3% of a businesses expenses. With productivity in mind, businesses are using managed print services to reduce expenses and increase efficiencies. It’s a concept we call strategic printing.

Below are the many benefits of managed print services.


Print System Analysis

Managed print services must start with an initial analysis of your current print fleet, systems and costs. An in-depth assessment is undertaken by an authorized service provider who will then provide your business with a customized plan to improve efficiencies and reduce overhead. The assessment will consider your total cost of ownership, as well as, printer placement and print actions to develop a strategic output plan.  This analysis will help your company find areas to reduce costs, optimize efficiencies, increase security and create green initiatives.


Cost Savings

There are many areas where a managed print services can save your business money. Often this starts with rule-based printing where each print job is analyzed and routed to the most efficient machine with the smartest print option. This reduces waste and eliminates unnecessary costs. Businesses will also find that they save money in IT requirements, parts and consumables, service contracts and on duplicate print jobs.


Reporting tools to manage assets, use, and costs

When your entire fleet of print machines are the same brand and are managed under one contract those devices can be monitored on a cloud-based reporting application. These reporting tools capture all of the data surrounding your companies print practices which allows you to refine and implement processes with real word data to support change. This same technology allows for offsite employees to print remotely from their smartphone or laptop securely.


Most businesses house more printers, MFP’s, scanners and fax machines then necessary and often those machines are out-of-date and inefficient. To get a handle on your current print fleet and costs request a free office automation assessment from Brock Office Automation.

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