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If you’re looking to upgrade or purchase new office equipment, understanding the different features of office machines can help you find what’s best for you. The printhead of an inkjet printer is directly responsible for each drop of ink on the substrate and can be tuned to satisfy the different needs of your business. Inkjet printing methods are cost-effective office solutions that save you time with your printing set-up time compared to conventional printing systems.  


Single pass printing

The traditional inkjet printhead has to scan back and forth to complete a line due to its limited coverage of the printable area. Although high-resolution images are created from relatively low-resolution printheads as the gaps are filled in, reducing the number of passes these inkjet printheads are taking would be a time-saver.

Single-pass inkjet printing is now a common feat for label and document printers, with the introduction of it to wide and large format printers expected to be right around the corner. The only issue holding this back is the cost of the printheads and how many are needed to cover the full width of the printer beds.


Comparing binary and greyscale

The actual size of the ink droplets, however, can range from a tiny size like three picolitres to a larger size that’s typically up to 42 picolitres. Binary is the simplest approach and is when you use a single fixed droplet size. However, when it comes to optimizing the printer for different applications, greyscale printing is more effective as it lets you use multiple drop sizes.

The advantage of using greyscale printing is that the variance in droplet sizes makes for easier tonal shifts and gradient usage in images such as a skyscraper or skin tones. Greyscaling can also reduce ink consumption as it makes it easier to get smoother gradients with four colours without needing additional colours. Greyscale printheads are typically slower and more expensive than binary printheads due to their complexity.


Finding the right printhead for your office solutions

Although there are a small amount of printhead production companies, the printer you choose to use will affect the printheads performance, as they offer a considerable difference between office machines. Good maintenance is also important due to the single-most cause of printhead failures being a result of blocked nozzles, which is easily avoidable with regular cleaning of the heads.


Understanding your office equipment prior to purchase is important to ensure you maximize your ROI. It’s not always easy understanding equipment that you’re new to working with, so let us help you! Brock Office Automation has the office solutions you need and is your go-to office equipment dealer in Niagara and Hamilton.

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