Epson’s new plant will help company compete for best multifunction printer


Epson continues to make waves in the print industry with its announcement of a new factory in Shiojiri, Japan. Although the plant location may seem distant, the impact and benefits will feel as if it’s right next door. The factory is being built with the goal of enhancing original Epson technologies and devices to exceed customer expectations and provide the best multifunction printer.


The focus of Epson’s new factory

The construction of the factory is scheduled to begin in the first half of 2018 and is a part of the long-term strategic plans for Epson’s goal of establishing itself as the best multifunction printer brand. The plant will be utilized to produce state-of-the-art PrecisionCore printheads, which are the core devices in inkjet printers.


Creating the best multifunction printer with R&D

Production engineering and other areas of the facility will see growth as R&D helps recognize opportunities. The plant will help Epson move forward with an eventual expected growth of triple its current printhead production capacity.

Epson is further reinforcing its R&D and production platform through the 2020 fiscal year with this factory. Due to Epson’s established communications plans globally, the advanced production technologies and expertise gained through this factory will be translated efficiently to other production sites, maximizing manufacturing capabilities and your business machines.


Details about the new Japan plant

The five-floor earthquake resistant steel framed building is currently measured to be 10,451 metres squared with a lot size of 46,034 metres squared. The new factory will handle the front-end manufacturing process of PrecisionCore printheads, high capacity ink tank printers, and commercial and industrial printers. Whether it’s a large or small multifunction printer you’re looking for, Epson is planning to both innovate and enhance its current device production to ensure your needs are met.


Although there’s plenty of document solutions to your office needs, Epson continues to innovate to ensure your needs are met and the brand stays at the top of the list when it comes to your search for the best multifunction printer. If you’re looking for the right office automation for your business needs, connect with us. Brock OA is Niagara’s office solutions retailer.

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