Does your office design increase efficiency for your business process?

business process

Document solutions aren’t the only thing that will increase office productivity and help your business process. Having an office that is set up and functions to increase productivity levels of all employees is beneficial for your company. There are a few steps you can take as a business to ensure that your office is set up to be as efficient and as productive as possible.

Keep the space bright

Having dark spaces within an office space is both bad for your employee’s health and for their levels of productivity. Dim lighting makes it difficult to see and can be potentially damaging to employee’s vision, especially if they are working on screens daily.

Lighting that is too dim can cause fatigue, drowsiness, as well as headaches. Not only will this decrease productivity while at work, it can also increase the amount of time people need off of work for illness. Ideally, your office should have access to lots of natural light during the day and is well lit enough that on overcast days or in the evening’s visibility is easy.

When lighting your office space, stick with natural light bulbs, and shy away from harsh tungsten lights. Having LED lighting is best for ensuring that spaces are well lit with a light that is not too harsh for anyone.

Put things in the right place

Keeping your office organized and uncluttered is a simple way to ensure that your office stays as efficient as possible. It may seem obvious to keep the office clean, but go beyond that: ensure everything has a place. Cut down on cluttered desks by making sure everything has a place, and everyone knows to put things back in their places.

Ensuring everything has its place in an office is also crucial to keeping your office running efficiently. The average employee will spend 400 hours per year searching for documents – that’s about 10 full work days! Keeping an organized office and document management system in place in your office can seriously increase your office’s productivity.

Have the right equipment

Having the right kind of document solution software can impact how efficient your office is. Having the best MFP or best office copier in your office is one way to make sure that everything works smoothly. Updating from old equipment means you’re less likely to have to pause a workday and deal with software issues, or a jammed printer.

It will also help to have one machine that can do everything, all remotely. Most multifunction printers on the market today are able to be accessed via a wireless network, so everyone in the office can print without having to leave their desks.

To find the right equipment for your office, connect with us at Brock Office Automation. Book an appointment to visit our showroom, where we can help you find the equipment that best fits your business’ needs.


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