Why you need to upgrade your office copier

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As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. It’s time for you to get rid of that old office copier and trade it in for something more effective for your business. Office equipment has improved significantly, and in order to stay competitive, your business needs to keep up with innovations in the office automation industry. We put together some more information on why you need to upgrade your office copier.

Cost effective

New digital copiers include technology that helps run the machine more efficiently. This creates a lower cost per page, as well as less ink, which saves you money when purchasing supplies for your office copier.

More energy efficient office copiers also help lower your energy costs in order to run them, resulting in you spending less money on them in the long term. If your office copier is a multifunction printer you will be able to print high-quality images and printing jobs, eliminating the need for outsourcing to print shops.

More productive

With higher page per second rate in most MFP’s, there is the chance to increase to a higher rate of productivity for your business. Multi function printers can also load documents much more quickly than older copiers, so there is less of lag between print or copy jobs.

With a good new MFP, you’ll also be able to create such high-quality print jobs that you won’t have to wait for an outsourced print shop to print them. Not only does this save you money, as we already said, it also saves you time. Rather than waiting on someone else outside of your office, you can complete jobs in-house at a faster rate.

Low maintenance

The older your office equipment is, the more maintenance you will inevitably have to do.  With a new printer there will be fewer issues, and if there are, you will still be covered under a warranty that will prevent you from any expensive repairs.

Upgrading your office equipment might seem like an unnecessary, expensive investment if it still working. However, keeping your old office copier might actually be the more expensive option. In order to ensure a high level of productivity and cost effectiveness in your office, visit us at Brock Office Automation and we can help you find the right new office copier or digital MFP.


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