Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership for an MFP

total cost of ownership

Buying a multifunctional printer for your business is a large investment. There costs on top of the price tag of owning the machine, such as the costs of your service contract, your consumption, as well as the ongoing cost to keep the machine running. The ongoing costs include the cost of things such as energy, paper, as well as a network connection that the MFP can run off of.

The ongoing cost of ink

Ink, toner and solid ink can be costly for your multi function printer overtime, driving up the cost of ownership. When choosing which machine to purchase, ask about the cost per print of the machine, as well as the cost of purchasing the ink and toner cartridges, and the number of prints that each can give.

The price tag on an ink printer may seem attractive at first, but having to purchase a new ink cartridge frequently may drive up the total cost of ownership and increase the price tag of the machine overtime. An MFP that is toner fueled may be very expensive up front, but also may save you money long term.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendly

Don’t be fooled by an “eco-friendly” label. It’s important to do your research into the MFP you’re looking to purchase at how much energy it will consume. It will vary machine to machine, and likely none of them will check off every single energy efficient box. However, some will come very close, which is why it’s important to do model comparisons to understand what you will be paying for.

Ongoing service requirements

Consider the warranty of the machine before purchasing. If something goes wrong with our MFP, will you have to incur all of those costs? Or, does the company you purchase the multi function printer from come equipped with a service department? These answers may make for expensive issues down the road of ownership.

Before you make such a large investment like a multifunction printer, be sure you know what the total cost of ownership is. Calculate what the long term lifetime costs will be, and add that to the initial cost to fully understand what you will be paying for. 


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