Life Hacks: Things You Didn’t Think to Use Your Office Machine For

In this blog post we are going to give you the goods on what we’ve learned are some conveneint corner cutters having been in the photocopier business for 20+ years. This machines make life a little (sometimes a whole lot) easier and you didn’t even know you were missing out!

Hanging that Pic Just Got Easier

Hanging Picture


You know how frustrating it can be to exactly measure the distance of what you’re looking at hanging on the wall. Especially when the holes have some small variables and what about when it is on either side of a pic so there is no room for error. Horrible. Until you wake up and realize that you can photocopy the back of said item and tape it to the wall. Then you drill or hammer through the paper itself and voila, the most perfect hanging of all things challenging.


Wallet Stolen? Crisis No More!

Stolen wallet

Ever used a payphone and rested your wallet on top only to walk away without your wallet in hand. Cruised the streets of that metropolitan wonderland you always dreamed of visiting and got back to the hotel to discover that you had not only lost your room key but all of your ID? Fret no more! Take all of your ID and photocopy it onto one page, this way it is faster and easier to replace all of it. Plus any of those verification numbers are still accessible and you can quickly go about cancelling credit cards and the like. That will be a necessary dose of awesome if you find yourself in an unfortunate scenario. Always keep a copy in your luggage, in your home and in your car.


Just a quick post to help you out in your day to day, and to give you the goods on how we’ve been multi-purposing the multi-functional printers in our office space. They call them multi-functional for a reason!

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