Why Leasing Office Equipment Makes Sense


Upgrade or Lease?

When it comes time to replace your existing office equipment, we get the appeal of owning something shiny and new, we really do. There is a common misconception in the industry that owning is the way to go, but the reality is that most of our customers lease their equipment. You will meet some dealers who would rather go for the upfront sale, but to be completely honest, when it comes down to it, a good device will outlive your lease term and there’s value in that for us when all is said and done. If you are currently dealing with a provider who is reluctant to lease, consider their motivation. What is the true longevity of the device?

That said, let’s take a look at the perks in leasing your printers, copiers and multifunctional devices:


What does it mean to lease your office automation equipment?

When you decide to lease your office equipment, your office has use of the equipment for an agreed-upon time frame for a monthly payment. You are able to negotiate your lease term to accommodate your payment and equipment needs without a large cost upfront.


Get the equipment you need when you need it

It’s not uncommon to need to acquire new office automation equipment unexpectedly, and that could mean the upfront cost of purchasing is not in the budget. But when you need new equipment, you need it immediately. Lease financing is an option that allows you to keep your operating budget under control with monthly payments rather than waiting for the budget to allow that new purchase.


Stay on the cutting edge of technology

Office automation equipment is always changing as new innovations are created to meet the ever-changing landscape of business. With a lease, you aren’t tied down to one machine indefinitely. There is an end in sight, and chances are when your lease is up, it will be time for an upgrade to new and exciting technology that you wouldn’t be able to justify if you owned.


Bundle your costs and predict your expenses.

Having the ability to predict expenses feels great. With a lease, you won’t have unforeseen costs cutting into your monthly operating budget. Bundle your costs to include acquisition, setup, installation, training, hardware, software and service and support and you won’t have any surprises. If your multifunctional printer malfunctions, no problem, you are already paying for the service necessary to get you up and running again in no time.


In all honesty…

Leasing makes dollars and cents for both you as the leaser and your dealer. We would be lying if we said we don’t love setting our clients up with leases on their equipment, but it’s not just for our personal gain. We want what’s best for our customers and if you are looking for a way to balance the budget while staying on top of the technology trends and innovations, leasing is the way to go.

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