How to optimize your office with smarter MFP placement

MFP placement in an office

Every company is productivity focused and there are many ways to optimize an office environment to encourage higher output from employees. It may seem trivial to some that a printer or MFP could affect productivity levels. However, the optimized placement of a printer can mean the difference between productivity and daily off-track conversations and distractions.

Here’s how to optimize your office environment with smarter MFP placement.

Map out your print technology needs

If you’re investing in new machines for your office or are in need of an office overhaul, start with a print audit. Determine how much printing your office actually does, how much paper you go through, how much ink and or toner you are using each month, each year. You should also evaluate which office automated relate technology is being used the most. Once you have a better understanding of your current print situation, you can take this information to an office automation expert, who will help you to determine which machines will function best for your office. Then you can start to map out where to position the machines to best optimize workflows.


Create a smartly designed work environment

The design of an office is one of the biggest influencers of productivity. A total of 90% of office workers believe that layout and design could improve their performance. The recipe for increased output then, requires a heavy dose of intelligent design. This means maximizing square footage, providing ergonomic workstations, using a combination of open and closed workspaces and placing shared tools like printers, scanners and MFP’s away from places that encourage conversation and distraction.  

MFP placement to increase productivity

Does it really matter where you place your MFP? Yes it does. MFP placement directly affects productivity, think of all the distractions your employees must avoid on the current walk to the printer. A printers placement is a logical decision you must make based on the layout and size of your office. For offices that a larger in scale, choose and place your MFP’s based on function and department. For example, marketing will require a printer more frequently and for more intensive uses than say, your administration team. And if you are a small office that requires just one printer, avoid sticking printers in one person’s office, instead the printer should be located in a shared space.


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