Best ways to organize your office equipment cables

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Cables can be a messy part to any office space.  Take a look at your desk space right now, changes are you have at 5 cables in front of your own work space. Printer cables, computer cables, head phone cables they all can contribute to a tangled mess in your space.

Get your space under control and one of the following ways to organize your office equipment cables.


Cable Management Attachment

Cable management attachments are a perfect add-on to your desk to keep your cables clean and out of your way. Sometime referred to as a “catch all method” these cheap solutions attach to the under carriage of your desk and guide the cable along towards your power strip. You can also look into using cable management boxes that conveniently hide away your desktop cables, such as your USB attachments, when not in use.

Great options include this cable management attachment from IKEA and this management box. 


Cable Positioning System

Products like Cabledrop or Cordies are another great way to guide your cords on and around your desk. They can easily be placed anywhere on your desk and hold cables securely in place. These positioning system work to eliminate the amount of cable actually on your desk by shortening the length of cable actually on top of your desk and ensuring that multiple cables do not tangle.


Label your cables

When you are staring at your power bar, do you really know what cable extends to what office machine? It’s a good idea to label the side of your plugs so that you can keep your cables in order. If you can’t make labels for the plugs find other creative ways to tell your cables apart, like colouring a piece of masking tape and assigning it to a cable, this way you’ll always be sure what you are unplugging.


Bundle your cables

A cable management system essentially does this for you, but if you’re looking for a quick solution that you can do without purchasing any new equipment, simply use masking table, twist ties or velcro to pull all of your cables into one collection will do.


Now go a head and get started on organizing your office equipment cables. Read more tips here from Brock Office Automation on how to keep your office clean and organized.

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