Five Essentials for your Start up Office

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Getting your business off the ground and running is hard work, to make it a little bit easier on you’ve we’ve picked out five essential tips to take with you while developing your start up office.


A well formed budget

Getting your business of the ground comes with a lot of expenses. You can expect large costs like your monthly rent and purchasing office equipment as well as smaller expenses like paper and pens. Take your time to map out a thorough budget so that you aren’t surprised by a large debt once your office is set up.

A well thought out location and layout

It’s common for industry to lump together in clusters throughout a city. You need to do your research before choosing an office space. Where are your competitors set-up? Is the location favourable to your clients? Do you need to be in a high traffic area? Having an advantageous location that meets your budget needs will set you up for future success. Once you have chosen that location don’t forget to market yourselves without door signage.

A vibe /culture

What makes an office stand out to both customers and potential employees is the feeling they get when they walk through your door. The vibe and the culture of your office stems from everything includings your office furniture to your wall colour. Get your office essentials down and then add some personality to your layout, wall decor and common areas.

The right office automation equipment

Office equipment is without a doubt one of your biggest expenses as a start up. Some things you can add to your office as you go, but it is important for both productivity and efficiency to invest in the right equipment. Explore your options, different brands, leasing opportunities and it’s best to work with knowledgeable office equipment dealers, ones who are experts at equipping start ups with the products they need because they can provide you with invaluable advice.

Productivity enhancing solutions

Invest in products and ideas that will enhance your office productivity. Equipment wise, a MFP is a great solution. This product combines your printing, scanning, copying and faxing into one highly productive machine. Physicality wise, designing a layout that flows and allows your employees to maximize your space will enhance their ability to be productive.


For more advice on essentials for your start up office, read our blogs here and here. Or connect with BrockAO, by downloading our free startup guide or with our staff who are experts with over 20 years experience designing office automation plans for startups in Niagara and Hamilton.




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