Focus on value when purchasing office automation equipment

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Fake Dictionary, definition of the word value.

Are you in the market for a new printer, copier or projector? If so, you probably have a budget set for your purchase or maybe your in the mindset, the cheaper the better. What you need to consider is that the cost of office equipment is more than just the initial purchase price. Consider that what you save on your initial purchase, may catch up with you in cost of ink, paper and toner and that cheap equipment might not meet your offices needs. That is why “value” should be your number one attribute when searching out office automation equipment.

Value can refer to many aspects; a machine’s benefits, it’s usefulness for your office, it’s overall cost and even how the machine meets your personal or office value systems.


How useful is the machine to your office?

Does the machine meet the needs of your office? Can it handle your printing needs? Can it print the quality needed? Is the projection screen large enough for your board room? There are many questions you need to ask about how your office works in order to understand your needs.  Knowing what you need out of a machine, be it an MFP or a projector, and matching those needs to the right machine is more valuable to you then saving a few dollars. Meeting your office needs will ultimately make for a more productive, cost-effective and efficient office space.

What are the advantages of this machine?

The benefits that a machine can offer you, also add to it’s value for your office. In this age of technology, purchasing a MFP that can support wireless and remote printing maybe exactly what your office needs. But getting this type of technology for your office, requires that you make an investment and not that you choose the cheapest machine on the market. The benefits of the equipment might not lie in enhanced technology, it maybe a smaller value, for example the MFP could be the perfect size to fit on a dedicated surface. Finding advantages in a machine that will make office productivity and life better, add indefinite value to your office.


What is the overall cost of owning this machine?

As we mentioned in the introduction, and in this blog, when you purchase a piece of office equipment the purchase price does not represent the overall cost of a machine. To best determine the overall cost of a machine you must consider the purchase price, projected repair costs, toner/ink and paper costs and interest or service fees.  If you have found a machine that best fits the needs of your office and adds value to your office life but cannot afford the purchase price, you should consider leasing the machine. Leasing will allow you to make monthly payments and save your from making a large payment upfront for the equipment.


Now that we’ve helped you chance your purchasing mentality to a focus on value when purchasing office automation equipment, it’s time to start researching. To get an overall picture of your office equipment needs connect with an office automation expert like Brock OA for a free office automation assessment.



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