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At Brock Office Automation, we are all about the latest innovations and we love sharing the details with you. Nothing beats being on the cutting edge of technology in the workplace, and we want to keep you in the loop. Our Office Automation Innovation Series brings you the goods on what is going on in the world of office technology so you can make sure your workplace has the best innovations out there.


Today we’re talking: Fin

You know how we feel about touch screen technology, but what’s next? How about gesture interfaces that puts touch interface in the palm of your hand. Literally. RHL Vision Technologies has created Fin, a ring-sized Bluetooth device that allows you to control your smart phone, smart TV, home and office automation devices and more with a wave of your hand.


What is the Fin?

This small and innovative new tech allows you communicate with all of your smart devices with hand gestures only. It features an LED indicator and sensors to track the movement of your thumb on your palm. It’s so smart, it can detect each part of your finger when touching them together. You can even switch between devices with a simple flick of your finger. Looks like touch screen may have some competition in the future.


Want to know more?

Check out the video below to see what the Fin is all about.


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