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Presentation solutions

Setting up a new office with the right equipment can be expensive and overwhelming for any entrepreneur. Investing in the right office products will ensure that your office runs efficiently. One outlet that startups in Niagara often overlook is the need for presentation solutions. When building your business you should expect to interact with clients and colleagues. Having portable and effective presentation software at your fingertips will transform your ability to leave a lasting impression.

A Projector

Projectors are simple to set up and are perfect for meetings, sales pitches and sharing office information with your colleagues. Projectors are able to process information from laptops, USB flash drives, smart phones and tablets. You have a lot of freedom for you presentation needs when using projectors. Typically businesses will want projectors for their board rooms, however you don’t need to limit your projector use to just client presentations. Using a projector to share information with your colleagues is a great option when you’re tired of sharing your monitor.


There are many types and options for projectors. You will need to consider portability, resolution, brightness and ease of use, seeking out an office automation expert can help you determine your projection needs.

A Whiteboard

Whiteboards are office essentials that can be used for inter-office communications, staying organized, listing and brainstorming. They are also a great tool to use in presentations to highlight your key points or to create diagrams.

Whiteboards have evolved in the past few years and you now have the option to purchase a board that integrates SMART technology. Interactive whiteboards, or panaboards, encourage interactivity and collaboration. This technology allows images to display on the board from your computer. The presenter can operate the computer right on the board’s surface, allowing for effective sharing between the presenter and audience. This technology is ideal for meetings and the sharing of information.
Investing in presentation solutions at the start of your business will allow your startup to be equipped with tools that could help amaze your customers and potential clients. Need more information? Connect with a Niagara office machine supplier to gain advice on other office automation tools that would benefit your startup.


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