Smart Ways to Reduce Printing Costs in the Office

office documents that help to reduce printing costs

Printing is one of those unavoidable costs of running an office, and it adds up quickly. Whilst there has been a huge digital increase, printing is still needed, but there are several ways in which you can reduce the costs. Here are the top three suggestions for reducing those printing costs.


Choosing a Printer

Choosing the right printer is the first step in reducing costs associated with printing. In an office, it is expected that there will be a lot of work given to a printer, so it isn’t wise to choose the cheapest option. Overworking the machine that you choose will only lead to more maintenance and repair costs, and possibly the purchase of a new printer way too early.

When deciding on a printer, the first thing that should be decided is whether you want a laser printer, inkjet printer, or one of the MFP laser printers. For a business that prints a significant number of black and white sheets, the laser printer will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Doing some calculations to determine the right fit for your business will help with lowering printing costs in the future. Deciding which printer is cheapest to operate, and not only to purchase, is a great starting point.


Reducing Ink and Paper Use

To reduce printing costs, start by looking at the price of ink cartridges prior to purchasing a printer. In a completed study, it was found that Times New Roman size 12 font reduced the number of pages used more significantly than any other of the preselected fonts and sizes. Another tip that saves money is printing on both sides of the paper when possible, especially for documents that stay within the office. This will help you to reduce your cost per printed page, which can add up quicker than you expect. 


Get an Opinion from the Experts

And finally, ask for help. Affordable printing solutions do exist, and asking the experts will help you to save costs on printing while showing you the most efficient solutions there are out there. 


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