Should You Rent an MFP for your Next Corporate Event?


Rent a MFP

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about long-term leases and why that makes sense for your office equipment needs, but what if you are just looking for something short-term? And let us be more specific, we’re talking about those corporate events and conferences that are just a few days, maybe a week. When you are bringing in people from all over the city, province, country or world, you’re bound to have attendees desperate for a business centre. They are, after all, on a business trip and still working while at your event. And on top of that, what about your own needs during the conference? There is always paperwork needed when you are running a large-scale event.

So why rent office equipment for your conference? We’re glad you asked.



Sure, your office already has a multifunctional printer or two, but how are you going to get them to the conference centre? Not only are MFPs large and heavy pieces of machinery, but they’re expensive. Do you really want the responsibility of handling and moving our office’s equipment from Point A to Point B? Probably not.



Maybe you don’t have an MFP you can use at the event at all. You may have an office printer, but maybe there are employees who will still be at work and need the equipment. Or perhaps the equipment you have is for a small 10 person office and can’t handle the hundreds of people who are attending your event. You could even have completely different print needs at your conference than your office (the paper size, ability to collate or staple, for example). You won’t want to purchase a new printer just for your conference. It just doesn’t make sense so spend so much money on a one-time-use machine. Renting allows you to pay to have access to the equipment when you need it and then send it back. On top of that, an MFP is often tax deductible for most businesses.



The dealer you rent your MFP from will install and service the copier during your event, so that’s one less thing to worry about. So that means that once the office equipment arrives, you don’t have to deal with setting them up at all, your dealer does that. You can make sure the MFP is networked to your own computers or set up for wireless connectivity for your event attendees.

And of course, you need this to be stress-free. If you are running a conference, you’re going to be busy and the fewer problems you have to deal with the better. You can’t be constantly dealing with printer errors and paper jams, and that’s where your dealer comes in. You’ve got a short event and can’t be waiting for service if something goes wrong. Make sure you rent from a dealer with a fast response time to make sure you are up and running for your entire event.


For all the work you will be doing and the work of your attendees, renting your office equipment is the way to go. Everyone loves an on-site business centre for between speakers and seminars, and the organization of a corporate event isn’t paper-free either. Make your life, and the lives of your guests, easier with a rented MFP.


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