Metropolitan city innovates with Sharp products

Innovate with Sharp products

When the city’s contract with its existing MFP (multifunctional printers) supplier was up for bid, the supplier had already been working with the Public Services branch of the city for 10 years. The city noticed that although it was paying a flat rate for each MFP the devices were only operating at capacity around 80-90% of the time.

The mayor’s decision to bring production printing services in-house whenever possible meant that the city’s in-plant print shop had to look for a more efficient color, light print production device that could handle the volume of print requested by various city departments. Sharp won the bid out of five major MFP manufacturers and Sharp products now saves the city 50% (approximately $1 million per year) of the costs incurred by the previous supplier, here’s how.

Challenges Faced

  • Install and train more than 560 MFP’s to multiple city departments in a limited time frame
  • Design and implement a more cost-effective, efficient MFP business model
  • Bring production printing in-house


Sharp Solutions

Sharp was given seven weeks to deliver, and because city services such as the Police and Fire/Rescue Departments couldn’t be without printing technology, the Sharp and city teams worked overtime to get all the equipment installed and working. A summary of their solutions includes:

  • Completed installation and training for the 560 MFP’s within seven weeks
  • Implemented a cost-efficient business model that plans and tracks the city’s MFP usage
  • Installed one high-performance colour printer and five MFP’s in the city’s print shop


Results of Sharp products

The innovative process has helped establish an in-house printing strategy for most of the city’s professional printing. The city now uses fewer machines with better results and now saves around $1 million per year off the previous manufacturer’s total cost when compared to Sharp products.

Analysts say the key to implementing and maintaining cost-effective measures has to do with reviewing usage patterns. Swapping a few smaller color copiers for one high-capacity black and white MFP is just an example of changes that can lead to cost-reduction.


To read the full case study on how Sharp helped this metropolitan city, click here.

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