World’s first in-office paper recycling machine released

In-office paper recycling machine

The first in-office paper recycling machine has been released and titled the “PaperLab” by no other than printing giants Epson. Spitting out pages at a remarkable rate of 14 per minute, or 6 720 sheets in an eight-hour day, this machine is able to turn used documents into fresh new sheets of A4 or A3 paper. There are many added environmental benefits, including the dry process this monster offers.


Epson has stated this machine makes the process more efficient and secure when compared to sending paper off to a recycling plant. Here’s a breakdown of what this innovative machine has to offer your business:

Environmental Benefits

PaperLab offers companies new processes for their recycling process, as now rather than transporting paper to a facility they can do it in-house through these machines. The recycling loop is shortened, and you can further reduce your CO2 footprint as you won’t need to purchase as much paper. The machine uses a dry process to recycle paper, reducing water usage to only a small amount to “maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system.”


Security & Performance

With this in-office paper recycling machine, enterprises no longer need to hire contractors to handle the disposal of confidential documents. PaperLab enables companies to dispose of the documents themselves on-site, all the while completely destroying the content as it breaks down the documents into paper fibers. The paper is also printed at a fast rate as listed in the introduction of this blog. PaperLab gives you the opportunity to print either A4 or A3 office paper of various thickness or even paper for business cards. Other options include color paper and even scented paper if that’s your preference.  


Dry Fiber Technology

Epson has developed this innovative machine without the use of water in the process and consists of three separate technologies to ensure its success. Fiberizing transforms the waste paper into long, thin cotton fibers and completely destroys confidential documents. Binding increases the binding strength or whiteness of the paper or can be used to add colour, fragrance, flame resistance, or other properties for given applications. The final technology is forming and gives the user the ability to control the density, thickness, and size of paper to create A3 or A4 office paper, or even business cards.


Recycled paper use is still a new concept for many offices but it is another step towards transforming your office into a sustainable one. Brock Office Automation focuses on educating its customers on the environmental impacts of office machines, follow this link to learn more about how to safely recycle your office equipment.

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