Preparing your business process for 2017 and the automation age

prepping your 2017 business process

The holiday season is in full swing and with that comes the end of 2016. You’re probably already starting to think about 2017 and how you maximize your business process to increase your ROI. Technological innovation won’t be slowing down anytime soon, meaning you’ll always be playing catch-up with your office equipment. As the automation age slowly begins to take over workplaces as well, it only makes sense to look at your options when it comes to upgrading.


Why you should be keeping office technology up-to-date

Outdated technology can put your business at risk of cyber-attacks. End-of-life software (programs that are no longer supported by their developers) are extremely vulnerable as the security measures are no longer updated.

Compatibility issues may come about if you’re outdated hardware is mingling with newer technologies. On the plus side, small businesses can receive tax breaks when purchasing new office equipment.


What you should look for when upgrading

Data safety – Be sure that the document management technologies you’re buying into are capable of keeping your data safe

Multi-use machinery – Rather than buying separate machines like copiers and other office machines, save money and space by buying devices like multifunctional printers.

Energy savers – Products that run on less energy and are environmentally friendly also cut your costs in the long-run.

Reliability & productivity – Investing in a slightly more costly product will pay off in the long run and give you a product with longevity. Updated equipment will also provide a boost in productivity for your employees.


Your business process and the automation age

Innovations in digitization and robotization are opening the door for another disruptive corporate transformation. Companies will need to manage the soft side of their automation transformation in order to fully realize the productivity gains from automation. The biggest thing to prepare your business for is identifying and retaining the employees who make one transition after another in a time where continual change is necessary.


If you’re considering changes to your office automation and equipment, connect with Brock OA. We’re Niagara and Hamilton’s office equipment dealers with access to the tools you need to maximize your productivity.

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