Multifunctional printers and other devices without black ink or toner? Could it be?

inkless Multifunctional printers

If you’re tired of the amount of money spent annually on ink cartridges and toners (which most of us probably are) for your multifunctional printers we’ve got some great news for you. A Dutch startup company called Inkless has recently introduced an inkless printing technology that will simplify office and book printing along with marking and coding.


So, how does this work?

The team that graduated from Delft Technology University uses a lazer to scorch the surface of the substrate which eliminates the need for ink and toners and is unlike other inkless processes, their innovation doesn’t need any special surface treatment or coating.

Co-founder Arnaud van der Veen is excited about what this will do to the industry, saying “Our inkless-printing technologies offers many advantages. Cartridges, toners, or special coatings on paper are no longer required, which leads to a significant environmental benefit.


Fixing past problems of inkless technologies

The company, Inkless, has found a way around a long-lasting problem and that is the carbonization. Normally, trying to carbonize thin material such as paper you would burn through it quickly and also result in print that isn’t permanent or black enough.

Inkless has taken control of the carbonization process, reducing the depth of the printing and ensuring the print is black enough and also permanent. Texts, images, graphics are all available on paper, labels, and packaging surfaces.


Improved multifunctional printers coming soon

There aren’t printers currently on the market that use the Inkless printing system, however, Inkless is already in contact with a few large companies to change that. Together, they’re looking at ways to cooperate and bring the product to the market as quickly as possible.

With obvious benefits of reduced costs for customers, there are a number of environmental benefits including the elimination of discarding ink and toner cartridges.


Unfortunately, this innovation doesn’t yet come with colour printing, but it’s great to see the industry continue to advance and innovate as technology continues to do the same. If you’re looking to enhance your business process, connect with Brock OA today for your document solutions tomorrow.    


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