Kickstart Your Sustainability by Consolidating your Devices



This post is the first in our series of ways to kick-start your office’s sustainability efforts. There are so many elements to the sustainability mindset that we often overlook the most obvious for the most advertised. Our goal is to shed some light on the sustainability efforts that make big impacts.



Consolidate your Devices

Often overlooked, this is a large item issue that sees too many office environments investing in an array of technology instead of focusing their efforts on one large piece of technology. Your office likely has a fax machine, perhaps some personal desktop printers, a scanner, a copier and probably another large printer. Technology makes the need for multiple devices obsolete.

All of the functions that you require are now wrapped into a single, compact multifunction printer. Rethinking your device management can make a big difference in how you are impacting the environment. Best part, it will save you a lot of money. Here are some of the expenses and impacts you may not have yet considered:

  • Licensing costs
  • Support costs
  • Energy consumption
  • Office space
  • Device waste at the end of the machine’s life


Like what you’re reading? Stay tuned. We have plenty more excellent posts on how to be sustainable coming your way!


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