Sharp’s new MFP models feature Pantone Matching System

MFP Pantone integration

Pantone colour matching support has been officially announced by the Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. All 10 models in its Colour Advanced and Essentials Series multifunctional printer (MFP). What was once difficult and required expensive workflow software is now much more attainable, and with the help of the colour analysts at Pantone, Sharp was able to tune the Pantone colours for the new series.


Sharp’s MFP innovation with Pantone-licensed products

With the 10 models announced to support the Pantone colour matching, Sharp now has 14 multifunction printers in total that are Pantone-licensed. The Colour Advanced and Essentials Series MFP line features 10 models that range in speed from 30-60 pages per minute and provides value to companies that are in colour-critical environments.


Utilizing the Pantone Matching System

The senior director of Hardware Product Management at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Shane Coffey, was quick to acknowledge the usage of the Pantone Matching System by companies across a variety of industries to help distinguish the brand.

“We are pleased to continue offering our customers advanced color-management tools that are simple, streamlined, and that achieve professional results,” said Shane. The Pantone colour matching is currently available for these new models at no extra cost.


Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

A division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America markets the advanced MX Series MFP systems that help companies manage workflow efficiently and increase productivity. Sharp is one of the industry’s leaders when it comes to MFP security, with the Sharp OSA development platform that can meet virtually any business need.


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