New Office Equipment doesn’t have to Break the Bank


New office equipment

The need to replace your office equipment doesn’t always occur at the most ideal times. Printers break down, copier technology becomes obsolete, workplace needs change and grow. If the time comes to upgrade outdated machines or replace a malfunctioning device, you don’t have to blow your budget to get exactly what your office needs.

Determine your spending limit

Before you even begin shopping, know your true budget. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding your dream machine with all the (sometimes unnecessary) bells and whistles only to find out it’s out of your price range. No one likes having their heart set on that high-end multifunctional printer and then having the cheque writer tell you it’s not in the budget. If you know what you can spend, you will know exactly what you can look at when it comes to price point.

Figure out your office necessities

What does your workplace truly need when it comes to print, scan and copy capabilities? Do you require the ability to fax? What about paper size? How much colour printing do you do? Take a full inventory of what employees use when it comes to office equipment and find a machine that caters to those requirements. If you are shopping on a budget, excessive features that you will never use are just costly additions that will break the bank.

Consider consolidating

If you are currently working in an office with separate devices for printing, copying, scanning and faxing, consider consolidating your machines with a multifunctional printer (also called an all-in-one printer or four-in-one printer). Rather than spending some money on each device, you can spend a little more for one. This will also save your office money in the long run as it will cut costs on energy use, supplies and employee productivity time.

Leasing vs. Buying

Most of our customers opt to lease their machines rather than buy them. While this means you are paying a monthly amount for your device, it makes dollars and cents sense. You will be paying to remain cutting edge, which means you no longer have to worry about being behind in office innovations. You are not tied down to owning a machine that will, without a doubt, become obsolete. There is an end date in sight and when that day comes, you can upgrade without having to purchase another device. Your lease length is also flexible, making your office financial and equipment needs a priority.


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