How a multifunctional printer can make your office greener


Green MFPs

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know why a multifunctional printer can benefit your business. Whether you’re looking to boost productivity in the office or need to upgrade your equipment, an MFP is a smart decision for any company. However, there is another added bonus that is often overlooked when considering the benefits of an MFP: the eco-friendly benefits.

We all have a responsibility to make choices that will have a positive effect on the environment. That responsibility extends to the office as well. It’s important to consider the environmental effects of your MFP throughout its life cycle. When you make the switch to an MFP, here are some eco-friendly (and cost saving) benefits you may not have realized:


Replace dedicated machines

Whether you love your old office equipment, or you’re ready for an upgrade, replacing old, out-of-date machines can reduce your carbon footprint. Having multiple dedicated machines can use large amounts of energy and if you are not utilizing each machine daily, it can mean a lot amount of wasted energy. This not only has an impact on the environment but also your company costs.


Fewer consumables

When you choose office automation, you consolidate your office machines, meaning that you’ll use significantly fewer consumables. Cutting down on the amount of ink or toner that are used on a daily basis will result in less waste. You can also utilize a few tips for green printing:

  1. Utilize duplex printing with your MFP.
  2. Reduce wasted ink by cutting down on colour printing, bold headers or thick font.
  3. Think before printing.


Get your office an energy efficient MFP

Updating your office equipment means that your office is equipped with the latest technology to save energy, which will ultimately save your company money. MFPs come equipped with a standby mode. This is an amazing way to limit your office’s energy consumption. You don’t need to sacrifice productivity or efficency either- some MFPs are able to go from standby to print-ready in seconds.

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