Use document automation to increase productivity

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It’s the age of the paperless office. If you’re not storing information online as a business, you are behind the times. Getting rid of these paper files is a surefire way to get rid of cluttered desks and cabinets that may be a staple in your office.

Decluttering your office with document automation and making the process of using, storing, and then locating files more streamlined can greatly impact how productive the staff in the office is. We’ve outlined some steps you can take to increase your office’s productivity and create a cleaner, more efficient space.

Get a document scanner

Your first step right away is to find an office automation dealer near you and get a document scanner. This way you can start the process of scanning any paper files that you have, so they can be stored as online files.

Depending on how many files you have in your office, you might only need something as small as a run of the mill scanner. If you keep a number of client files, or if you’re concerned with security, look into high-quality MFPs that you can get which will scan things quickly, securely, and in high resolutions.

Use office copiers connected to a network

There are office automation tools, like new digital copiers and multifunction printers, which allow you to scan or copy documents that will not print another copy out, but instead send those files straight to a USB drive, or as an email attachment, so these files can be kept digitally and not stored as paper which can clutter up the office.

This will also serve to increase productivity, as you won’t have to worry about getting new paper or ink, or filing away forms once they’ve been printed out. It will also make it easier to look back on those documents if you need to in the future, as they’re available on your computer which likely where you’ll be working.

Getting an MFP which functions as a copier, printer, and scanner is ideal for your business as well, because as much as we are shifting to a paperless office, sometimes having no paper is not feasible. Copies will sometimes have to be made with paper, so it’s important to have a new copier system which allows you to also utilize paper.

Connect with us here at Brock Office Automation and book an appointment to visit our showroom, where we can help you pick out something that will work best for your office and keep you working productively and efficiently.


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