How to choose a new copier for your office

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It’s time for spring cleaning, and not just for your home – your office automation systems probably need some changes too. Look closely at your office copier machine, and ask yourself if it really is working for you and for your business. Is it time for an upgrade? Getting a new copy machine will help you keep your office working efficiently and running smoothly.

Before you decide on a new copier, you need to think and consider several things about the photocopiers as you shop around. Here are some things to keep in mind while you look for something that can meet all of your document solutions needs.

Specs to keep in mind

There are a few things you can look for when you’re looking for a business photocopier. The first thing you should look for is what kind of print speed you need. This depends on how much use you expect this machine to get. If you’re not using your copier that frequently, you can probably opt for something with a lower speed. If your business requires the use of the office copier machine frequently, you might need to consider looking for something with a high print speed, like Sharp photocopiers which have a print speed of 26-36 pages per minute.

You’ll also want to consider the graphic capabilities of the copiers. Graphics capabilities are usually found in multifunction printers which include high-resolution printing capabilities. These MFPs also function as a colour copier machine. If your business requires colour printing often in-house, this is something you need to consider when looking for a new copier.

What use are you getting?

The question comes down to: how do you plan on using your office automation equipment? Is this something that you need to use all the time, at a high frequency, or do you only occasionally need a copier? Understanding what you will use your new office copier will help make sure you don’t spend too much on something you won’t use properly, but will also ensure you have something capable of all of the work you need it to do. 

Connecting with a dealer who understands the office automation technology can help you a great deal here. If you’re able to identify what you need to use the equipment for, they’ll be able to help point you to which models (used or new) will work best for you and your business.

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