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Gone are the days when an employee looking at their phone was a sign of a decline in productivity. These days, looking at a phone can mean that work is getting done, and that employee is using their time efficiently. Looking online will give you tons of lists of apps that can be used to do business on the go from your smartphone.

When it comes to creating a more efficient, paperless office these smartphones can also come in handy. If your business involves you having to do work on the go or meet with customers or clients, you might be faced with paper documents that you may think you don’t have a document scanner right there to digitize.

Well, think again. We’ve compiled a list of the top apps you can use to scan your documents and be paperless, even on the go.

PDF Scan

PDF Scan is one of the most popular apps on the market for document solutions. It’s convenient because all you have to do is take a quick photo, and the app does the rest. PDF Scan will identify the perimeter of the document and then automatically save only the page as a PDF.

Once the document is scanned to your smartphone, you can then upload the PDF to the iCloud, email it to yourself, or add it into your document management system, like Google Drive or Dropbox, which you can connect through the app.

Adobe Fill and Sign

If you want to strive to be as paperless as can be, but you deal with a number of contracts and forms, or other documents that require signatures, this app is the best portable scanner for you. The app will scan the contracts or documents you need into the PDF so that it can be filled out, either by you or by the client. Then it can be signed using a stylus (or even a finger if you don’t have a stylus!), so it can be returned and filed.

All of this can be done with a WiFi connection and your smartphone. Once the form is filled out you can connect this app to the Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud, making accessing it at a later date just as easy as filling it out was.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a Microsoft app that will convert anything you’ve scanned into a PDF, or even to another Microsoft file type. If you’re not ready for the document to be a PDF yet, and you need to edit it, Office Lens can save it as a Word document, a PowerPoint document, or add then to your OneNote account. If you’re dealing with unfinished documents you need to work on while you’re on the go, this app is for you.


CamScanner is an app that is perfect for collaborative businesses. Within the app, it will auto-crop and auto-enhance documents that have been scanned. This app is the best receipt scanner, and can even scan post-it notes, line drawings or even whiteboards and create a high-quality digital file of these scans. Multiple scans can be added together to create one document.

With this app, you can even add in others to view and comment on your scans. Being able to add others makes working on projects collaboratively that much easier, and that much more efficient because there is no need to email files back and forth. Instead, your collaborators can just log on. This also reduces potential security risks if you are working on sensitive materials.

While you’re in your office and have access to your office automation software, there are also apps you can use in combination with them in order to be the most efficient as possible. To find out more, connect with us at Brock Office Automation today.


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