Why Your Startup Needs a Document Management System



There are many tools that you should consider implementing to help your startup in Niagara flourish. Easy to use software based document management systems (DMS) are an incredible tool to help get your business get off the ground in an organized fashion. There are a variety of different systems on market, especially now that offices are shifting towards a paperless sensibility. Below we have compiled a list of benefits that outline why your startup needs a document management system.

What is a document management system?

This type of software keeps electronic copies of documents and images in an organized and streamlined system. You are able to quickly and easily retrieve any document, image, or video loaded into the system using a simple search. Think of the system as a virtual filing cabinet.


Cost savings

There is a significant cost to using the traditional filing cabinet process of storage. Printing documents has a cost, the real estate you need to allow for filing cabinets has a cost, even the wages you pay your staff to file the document has a cost contribution. Starting your business using a document management system will help to alleviate these costs. The system grows and expands (online) with your business as you add new clients, contracts and employees- allowing for easy archiving.


Your documents travel with you

You will be able to access all of your files remotely if you go with a DMS. It reduces the need to bring paperwork with you to meetings, you can instead bring your laptop or tablet and pull up documents no matter the location. It is a great system if you have employees working at home or who travel for business. One of the best features is that your employees can interact and collaborate using the system. Most systems will track copies and edits of all documents and allow for employee workflows to be set-up. A system would also allow you to easily search for documents using keywords and names, no need to dig through filing cabinets.


Control over the system

You will not be a risk of losing your files due to water damage or fire when using a document management system. The system eliminates the risk of losing or misplacing all documents altogether. This also applies to losing documents to employee deletion. As network administrator, you are able to put controls on the system to manage who can access files and who has the capability to delete files. A system would also provide increased security for your files through practices such as encryption.

Your DMS will grow and develop with your startup as its designers will constantly be looking for ways to enhance the software.

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