How Office Technology Changes The Way You Work


Changing productivity

With ever-changing technology and new cutting edge innovations, if you don’t keep up-to-date, your business will be left behind. But what is it about new office technologies that changes the way you work? What innovations in office equipment are so integral to upping the ante when it comes to your business practice? Let BrockOA show you some of the latest and greatest that makes life at work so much easier.


Multifunctional Devices

Long gone are the days of printing, copying and faxing from three different machines. You would be hardpressed to find many offices who haven’t made the switch to the multifunctional printer (MFP). Not only does an MFP save valuable office real estate – we’re talking one machine instead of three – but it will save you time, energy and money. MFPs are significantly more efficient and allow more time for productive work flow while saving your office money in electricity, resources and overall operating costs. If your office hasn’t made the switch yet, we have one question for you: Why not?


Electronic Document Management

Before you read any further, take a quick inventory of the number of filing cabinets in your office. Now think about how many files are held in each one. How much paper is that? More importantly how many of those files are confidential? Electronic Document Management replaces the practice of keeping hard copy files and converts your file storage to a digital, cloud-based system. No more rushing back to the office for that much-needed note. No more searching a seemingly endless row of file folders for that one piece of information. No more keeping files under lock and key. With electronic document management, you can access your files from anywhere, search with a few clicks and secure documents by password that can be shared on a need-to-know basis. You will also lower your environmental impact, not to mention save on spending, by printing far fewer paper copies.


Touch Screens

We recently talk about why you should consider going with a touch screen in 2014, but here is a refresher. First, the best practice in your office is to use technology that is intuitive for all employees. Touch screen technology has taken over. Take a poll with your co-workers and we are sure most, if not all, will have some kind of touch screen at home – an iPad, smartphone or PC, for example. Bringing touch screens into your office on your MFPs will make everyone much more comfortable with something so familiar. And for those who aren’t so familiar? Touch screens have the ability to encompass assistive technology to more easily walk users through the process. An added bonus? Touch screens are much faster than their predecessor, with small screens and directional keys.


How is your office keeping up with the latest in technology advancements? Can you check these items off your list for innovations that keep you office running smoothly and efficiently? Take inventory of where you stand and get ready to up your game in the workplace with cutting edge technology that will bring your business to the forefront.


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