Go Paperless with Scanning Document Management Software


Printer Paper

With the number of documents shared on a daily basis in the workplace, your printers and copiers are working overtime making enough hard copies to go around. But why waste time and resources by printing copies when there is an easy solution with scanning document management software?

No More Inefficient Paper

Paper-based business can be slow and inefficient. Hard copies get lost and the time taken to move paper copies through the office is wasteful. Not only are employees wasting their time printing and passing paper, but the office is wasting resources and money with printed copies. Think of all the money that can be saved by cutting the amount of paper and ink used for needless print jobs.

Say Goodbye to Filing Cabinets

Space in your workplace comes at a premium and bulky filing cabinets can take up some prime real estate. By investing in a scanner – or even more efficient, a multifunctional printer – you can say goodbye to that space consuming office furniture. Scanning documents allows your office to store important files digitally and still maintain the ease of finding everything you need, with the ease of just a few key strokes.

Easy to Find, Easy to Share

Think of your digital filing system the same way you would a physical filing cabinet. With digital storage through document scanning, you have the ability to scan and save a file (and with multifunctional printers with built-in keypads, it’s easier than ever) with the appropriate name, in an appropriately named file in your system. Then, when you are searching for information, you simply have to open the correct file folder and there it is. Even easier, using a keyword search, your document management system can find your document for you.

And once your documents are saved digitally, they can be stored on your office network, allowing anyone to access them as needed. Are you storing sensitive material? Password protection ensures only those with permission can view saved files.

Scan and Send with Ease

Technological advances in scanners and multifunctional printers has made sharing documents outside your office simple. Many devices can now connect to your office Wifi allowing easy email capability. With the built-in keypad (as mentioned above), scanners and MFPs allow employees to not only name files appropriately, as we talked about previously, but also type in email addresses and send without storing and sending from a computer.


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