Faxing in the Digital Age: Is a Fax Copy Machine Still Necessary?

We are living in the Digital Age, which means that almost everything can be done on the Internet. This might make you question whether you need a fax copy machine at all anymore.

It might seem like a waste of money when everything can just be sent by email. However, fax isn’t dead quite yet! There are still a few reasons why your office could still benefit from having a fax machine.


Scanning a Physical Document

When you need to send someone a document that you have a physical copy of, it’s much more effort to email it. A fax scanner combo printer can help you, but it still takes some extra work to email the document instead of sending a fax.

With email, you have to take the physical document, scan it, and then attach it to the email and send it. However, when you fax it, you just need to scan the document and hit the number to send it to. If you need to send multiple documents, this makes it easy and efficient.


User-Friendly Experience

Faxing is a little easier to use, especially if your office isn’t full of young, tech-savvy millennials. Anyone can use a fax copy machine, no matter how technologically inclined you are. All you need to do is scan your document, punch in the number, and hit the send button. There’s no risk for hitting send too soon, forgetting to attach something, or any other easy mistakes that come with email.


Some Customers Still Fax Things

Depending on what type of business you own, your customers could still be using fax as a preferred method to share documents. This is especially true if your business is more traditional in nature and you have an older generation of customers who don’t use email technology. In this case, it’s very important to stay on their level and make sure you have the option available for them.


Fax Machines Don’t Get Viruses

With everything going digital, there are some associated risks. One of the biggest risks is that emails are often susceptible to viruses and hackers. When you send a fax from one machine to another, you don’t have to put your documents at risk through the Internet.


Finding The Right Multifunction Printer and Scanner

One of the key details for sending faxes is having the right technology to do the job and keep up with a changing technological landscape. Many multifunction printers can do this and maintain a high level of technical ability, so always make sure you have the latest and greatest on your side.


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