Common printer problems: My MFP won’t scan


Won't scan

Nothing is more frustrating than technical difficulties in the middle of the workday. Unfortunately, when you’re working with multifunctional printers, scanners, copiers and office automation equipment, there are bound to be malfunctions every now and then. We’ve spoken before about common office equipment issues, from printers that won’t print to poor quality of prints. Brock Office Automation is happy to revisit our series of posts addressing common device problems and how to overcome them.

Today we’re talking common printer problems: My MFP won’t scan anymore.

Your need to scan may differ based on your business, you either use it sporadically or extensively. No matter the frequency, you generally need that document scanned now. Trying to solve the mystery of a malfunctioning scanner can be incredibly frustrating, especially on a multifunctional printer where everything else appears to be working smoothly. So where to start approaching the problem?

Software issues

When your scanner isn’t working, it most likely is a result of a communication error between the printer and the computer. The first thing you should attempt in order to get that scanner back up and running is troubleshooting through the computer. The scanner software may have become corrupted and will need to be reinstalled. If the connection is working and the software is reinstalled and it’s still not working? Well it may be a quality issue.

Quality issues

We’ve mentioned before that the lowest priced piece of equipment does not mean that the machine will cost you less- far too often it ends up costing you more. Inexpensive MFPs tend to have scanner failure and may require you to replace the entire machine.

When in doubt, call for service

Sometimes, the issue is something you can’t fix on your own so don’t be afraid to call your service department. The last thing you want to do is fiddle with your machine and make the problem worse. Your technicians know your machine inside and out and will gladly solve your dilemma.



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