Where to dispose of old office equipment in Niagara

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Bin of old computer keyboards ready to be recycled.


When your technology is nearing the end of its life or end of its life as equipment in your office, you need to be smart about getting rid of it. Electronics (if no longer useable) should never be put in the garbage. E-waste is incredibly harmful to the environment and there are many ways in which electronics can be repurposed for future use.

Sell your old equipment to a office equipment dealer

If you bought your equipment from an office equipment dealer (or if you did not) check with one to see if your equipment is salvageable. Your dealer may want to purchase your equipment for refurbishment or re-sale. There is a market in Niagara for used equipment, so why not make back some money from your investment. An office equipment dealer is a great source for a large pool of buyers and can unload your equipment faster.


Visit a Recycling Centre in Niagara

The Niagara Region’s recycling centre’s take all kinds of old electronic equipment including; projectors, computers, office automation devices like printers, copier and fax machines. For a full list of disposable items please visit the Region’s website by clicking here. Recycling is free of charge for you but you must transport the items to one of the depots.


Donate your equipment to a nonprofit or charity

Local nonprofits/charities like Niagara Furniture Bank, Goodwill Niagara, ReStore and the Distress Centre welcome donations of office supplies. These charities strive to help provide those in need with affordable tools to use in their everyday life. Feel good about disposing your old office equipment by donating it to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.


Remember to delete any confidential documents

Prior to disposing of your equipment, take the time to erase any secure or confidential files and data in your storage. Just pressing delete on a file is not enough to get rid of your data, as recovery programs can easily restore your files. You can be secure in knowing that recycling centre’s are bound by contract to use various techniques to ensure all data is destroyed under their processes.


If you’ve found your office equipment is no longer working for your office, connect with an office equipment dealer to talk about the next step. Bringing in an expert to solve your problems will help your office to run smoothly during the transition of office equipment.



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