What is more cost effective- ink or toner?


Laser cartridges in an open printer

Laser cartridges in an open printer

It’s one of the oldest dilemmas that you’ll face in the office: ink or toner? We’ve explored this topic before, breaking down the pros and cons and how it can benefit your office. However, the biggest issue most companies want to know is what is the cheapest option in the long run? Today, we’re going to focus on the financial aspect of toner and ink and which one is more cost-effective.
When choosing office equipment, selecting ink or toner is an incredibly vital decision. Your decision will lead you to choosing between a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Office equipment has changed over the years and the growth of popularity of the laser printer has seen costs decrease.


Ink vs. toner

Ink cartridges: Used by inkjet printers. These printers tend to be generally less expensive than their laser counterparts.

Toner: Used by laser printers. The cartridges are bigger, therefore more expensive than ink cartridges.


Look past the initial cost

If you only look at the initial cost of the machine, you may be surprised later on. You can get an inkjet printer for a lower upfront cost, however it is likely that it will be unable to handle your office’s demands. You may also need to spend more money on ink and repairs as a result. An inkjet printer’s initial investment is offset by a high frequency of ink cartridge replacements. Laser printers have higher print yields and the longevity counteracts the initial investment you will be required to make.


Let’s talk numbers

This is what it all comes down to- how expensive will the printer be to your company? The cost of printers can be calculated by cents per A4 page. This involves dividing the number of pages your cartridge can produce by the cost of the cartridge. For a rough comparison, consider that an inkjet printer generally averages 20 cents per page, while laser printers will average 6 cents per page. It’s safe to say that most businesses have employees who are addicted to printing, however the average employee prints approximately 40 pages per day, which averages out to just under 10,000 pages a year.

The bottom line:

Inkjet: $2000 per employee
Laser: $600 per employee


A laser printer are designed for high-volume printing and will ultimately be the most cost-effective option for your company. You need to invest in a reliable and cost effective office machine to help your business run smoothly and proficiently. Looking for more information? If you want to learn more about office automation and the options available to you, click below for your free office automation assessment.


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